Sunday, September 20, 2009


Febuary 2012 Update:
Scroll down for early 2012 Class Locations and Individual Presentations

An exciting, low-impact approach to appreciating
Extreme Music Theater
regardless of your education, age, finances or preconceptions.

Sessions may (depending on length of class) include:
  • How to Think You Speak Italian (when you don’t)
  • Opera’s top 10 Villains
  • The Opera/Shakespeare Connection
  • Opera’s Steamiest Moments
  • Per pieta! Vendetta!
  • History Opera-Style
  • Opera’s Drunkest Ensembles
  • Name That Opera
  • Voices! Ensembles! Choruses!
  • Weekly games and prizes
All topics suitable for the Uninitiated

Regina Merwin has spoken about opera to thousands of people in schools, libraries and service groups since 1996. She is NOT an opera singer.

Talks around Southern California:

It's back to school for Ms. Operagraphics!
No individual talks OR classes scheduled for the Spring.
Check this space for the summer session.